Prague, Czechoslovakia


“This is how bad bitches leave London and go to Prague, some of you can’t even spell Prague” *sassy hair flick* – Nicki Minaj, 2017

I’m sure most of us millennial’s know now that the beautiful city of Prague exists in this world, thanks to the infamous Nicki Minaj. I can truthfully say that from all the places I’ve been, Prague is by far one of my favourites. I am truly blessed to have been able to visit this city twice in my life so far: once in high school during a History school trip in 2014 and once again during my Easter Break at university in 2017. I am so glad I went back again because my young, naive self back in 2014 did not appreciate and indulge in the true beauty of this country as much as I do now.

My trip to Prague was truly an adventure to remember. So lets get straight into it:

DAY 1:

After the traumatizing morning of almost missing our bus to Prague from Berlin (that’s a story for another time), we finally arrived in the late afternoon. Our airBnB was within a 5 minute walk from the Old Town Square so we ventured there to find some food to eat as we were famished! Maybe we were just lucky or maybe the food festival market thingy is there all year round, but whilst we were there, there was a huge food festival in the Old Town Square! I literally stuffed my face with 897654 grilled cheese sandwiches and crepes. THE GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH WAS LIKE NO OTHER GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH, it had minimal bread and a whole blob of freshly cut cheese that was grilled with garlic butter… are you salivating yet? Prague is also very affordable and cheap which made it so much easier for us to eat everything in sight and gain 900 pounds after 3 days of constant munching!

Since we were pretty tired from the journey over, we had a chill day briefly walking around the Old Town Square and our surroundings.

Prague is so colourful – totally my aesthetic!


Was so tempted to go on it, until it pooped.
We took a night walk and stumbled across a nice river with a spectacular view!


DAY 2:

This was our first day of adventuring and thank god the weather was PERFECT. Since we were located in the city centre and Prague is a relatively small city, we walked everywhere! (Top tip #1: bring COMFORTABLE shoes!). Prague is so picturesque and fairy-tale like, so you best believe we stopped every 10 steps for photos!

Is this real life?!


Still questioning the physics of this


The love lock gate at the beginning of Charles Bridge


Charles Bridge has the BEST views!


TOP TIP #2: GET GELATO FROM ‘AMORINO’! So this shop, “Amorino” has chains across Europe and thank the lucky stars, it had one in Prague! I’m not kidding when I say it tasted like an angel gave birth in my mouth (especially after a long day of walking under the sun). Plus TOP TIP #3: if you go during the month of Easter (April), they have a limited edition bunny ice-cream! Not gonna lie, the only reason why we found the place was because I saw the bunny ice-cream on someone’s Instagram and that drove me to go on a full on bunny-hunt.


Walking uphill was rough but with views like this, how can you complain?!
Sisterhood of the travelling pants feels


Views from Starbucks on top of Prague Castle


The astronomical clock
John legend wall

However naturally, no adventure is complete without some mistakes and mishaps. After an amazing day of sight seeing, that night during dinner, we bumped heads with a very rude and ignorant waiter who tried to use our “tourist” status to rip us off.

TOP TIP #4: DON’T LET PEOPLE BULLY YOU INTO OVER-TIPPING. Because we were clearly tourists, some shopkeepers will definitely take advantage of you (especially since you don’t speak the local language or are aware of the local culture). STORY TIME! We were at dinner on this night in a nice Italian restaurant and everything was going so well… the food was amazing, the service was on point and I was seated next to a fire place so I was a very happy snowman. Everything was sunshine and rainbows. Then the bill came. At first we didn’t notice the mistake, until we were calculating our individual bills so that we could pay separately. The waiter had added a huge tip for himself on top of our total (it was something ridiculous like an additional 50% of the total or something). Now keep in mind, we are still students traveling on a budget so as much as we appreciated the service, the most we could afford to tip was at least 10% (which we thought was appropriate). Also, aren’t tips supposed to be optional?! When we questioned this to the waiter, he snapped back with an attitude and a very ignorant comment by saying “Maybe its not common courtesy where ever you come from, Korea? Japan? China? But thats how we do it in Europe. You must tip 50% to me and it is included with the total”. Now, that got us fuming. We asked to see his manager, and guess what. Turns out he WAS the manager. Unbelievable. I remember I even tried googling whether this was really the case because it was unheard of, but then we saw another waiter hand a bill to the next table – this time, the tip was NOT included in their total but was left as an optional section underneath. Um. Excuse me? We were not about to get ripped off and manipulated into paying an extra 50% to a rude manager. In the end, we made a scene, paid the EXACT amount we owed for the meal (without tips) and left quickly.

Our faces when someone tries to rip us off

DAY 3:

This was our last day in the most beautiful city I’ve ever been to 😦 We decided to make the best of it by having another day full of walking and sight seeing! Some of the places we didn’t get to go on the second day (because it was way too crowded), we went to see on this day!

Gotta get that cardio in so walk walk walk


We stumbled across a cute little market!


We ate way too much gelato
That architecture though


We climbed on top of an unstable roof for this photo hahaha
Oh look! The boy with a golden peewee


Thank god no one pushed me lol


Starbucks in Prague honestly has the best views


Once evening came around, we decided to go on a cruise. We went during sunset so it was absolutely breath-taking! Plus it was a good excuse to not walk for a bit haha!

After this, we just got ready to make our way to our next destination! AMSTERDAM!

So thats it, I believe, for my adventures in Prague.

I hope I didn’t bore you too much! Thanks for reading! ❤



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