Brussels, Belgium

Second Year of uni has started so I’ve been thrown under so much work the past few weeks! However, knowing me, I managed to sneak a quick weekend trip to Brussels during my first week back! I mean, what better way to start the year off right?

It was such a short but fun-filled trip that I would gladly do it again. Best believe there will be more weekend getaways in the near future! Anyways, enough dilly-dallying:

DAY 1:

Despite popular belief, I still do go to University and attend classes because I do try to be a good student πŸ˜‰ We scheduled our flight to be on Friday evening so we could still attend our Friday classes. We arrived in Charleroi Airport at around 11pm at night and struggled to find a taxi that would take us to Brussels (Charleroi Airport was about an hour away from Brussels city centre).

TOP TIP #1: BOOK AIRPORT TRANSPORT IN ADVANCE PRIOR TO ARRIVAL IF YOU ARE ARRIVING IN AN AIRPORT FAR FROM THE CENTRE. We could have easily taken a public bus, but it was really late at night and we felt that getting into a taxi that would take us straight to our accommodation would be the safest and fastest option. We underestimated how small the airport was, which explains the lack of taxi’s available. We were approached by many shady looking supposed “taxi” drivers who offered to take us to Brussels and we weren’t sure whether to trust them. Since it was getting really late, we decided to hop into one of the cars hoping that the driver would take us to our destination. Not going to lie, my heart was pounding out of my chest thinking about all the worst case scenarios that would happen, especially since our taxi driver kept asking very personal questions, but luckily we got to our accommodation safe and sound. Would definitely not recommend taking this risk so be sure to book transport beforehand!

DAY 2:

This was our first official day in Brussels so we decided to get up bright and early to explore the city before the crowd came in. However, the weather did not agree and decided to be rainy and gloomy. Our hostel was just a 10 minute walk from the Grand Place so we wandered off there to find something to eat and take a few photos.


Freaking love the architecture and colours of this place!


Not happy with the rain and the gloomy skies




TOP TIP #2: YOU MUST TRY THE CHOCOLATE MAKING WORKSHOP IN BRUSSELS!Β There is also a waffle making workshop if you prefer! We made tons and tons of chocolates, I felt like I was Willy Wonka, it was like a childhood dream come true! It was about 30 Euros for 3 hours of chocolate making fun, which I can definitely say was more than worth it!

After the chocolate workshop, it was like Mother Nature heard our prayers as the skies cleared up and the sun started shining! We ran out like chickens to do more sightseeing, and wow, Brussels did not disappoint!


That apparently famous “peeing boy” statue

We also devoured a whole ton of snacks along the way. I like to believe that all the walking we did burnt off all the calories we consumed πŸ˜‰

TOP TIP #3: BELGIAN FRIES AND WAFFLES ARE A MUST!Β Best part is, they can be found almost everywhere along the streets so you’ll never be short of it!Β 


We stumbled upon this amazing park and it honestly took my breathe away


Royal Palace of Brussels
Forever wishing I was a princess


That evening skyline ❀


It was such a great end to such an amazing day! Cannot be thankful enough for the weather clearing up!

DAY 3:

Last day in Brussels! Since it was a rainy morning, we decided to sleep in and then went to have a late lunch and roam around the city for a bit before making our way to the airport to go back to Manchester.


What would I do without her in my life


So that’s it for my short trip to Brussels! It was truly incredible and Brussels will now always have a piece of my heart!

Thanks for reading and please follow for more ❀


20 thoughts on “Brussels, Belgium”

  1. Chocolate in Belgium is awesomeeee! I visited the Cocoa and Chocolate Museum back in and we had a taste for free! I really miss Brussels, my best friend lives there, yet I haven’t visited since January 2015 but next Tuesday I’m flying back for a few more days! Thanks for sharing these awesome pictures! In a few days it will be my turn πŸ˜€

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